Historic Sterling

Logan County Courthouse
Located in Colorado's Logan County, Sterling is a small quaint city that is home to an array of historical sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. Many of the historic places in Sterling are located in the Downtown Area along Main Street and nearby streets. Located in the Courthouse Square area, the Logan County Courthouse is perhaps the most prominent building in the city of Sterling. Built in 1910 for about 100,000 dollars, the Logan County Courthouse boasts a Revival Style architecture design that is unmatched by any other buildings in this small community. John J. Huddard was the mastermind architect behind this courthouse project. The dome of this impressive courthouse building dominates the scene in the eastern part of Main Street.

Old City Hall
Located on Poplar Street just one block north of the Logan County Courthouse, the Old City Hall is another major architectural work by John J. Huddard that is considered an important historic building in Sterling. The small brick building was built in 1913 for a cost of just over 13,000 dollars. Rounded column doors and windows dominate the front facade of the Old City Hall. Although it has great historic significance for Sterling, this particular building is not officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

First Presbyterian Church
Across the green lawn of the Logan County Courthouse is another major historic site. The First Presbyterian Church open in 1918 and it was the fourth house of worship by the local Presbyterian congregation in Sterling. The front facade of this historic church along Ash Street is decorated by a federal and classic revival architecture style that includes tall Ionic columns.

St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church
Located along 3rd Street, St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church is another major religious structure that has historical importance in Sterling. This landmark church has a beautiful facade that is made from red brick. The towers on the sides of this church dominate the scene in the quiet residential area just south of Main Street. The front of this Roman Catholic landmark features several stained glass windows.

Sterling Pacific Railroad Depot
The Sterling Pacific Railroad Depot commemorates the rich rail history that was part of the city between the late 19th century and early 20th century. The building is located near the site that was home to multiple train stations that accommodated the early Union Pacific Railroad service in the western part of the United States.