Art & Culture in Steamboat Springs

Crawford House
A beautiful piece of Romanesque Revival architecture, The Crawford House is the historic home of Steamboat Springs founder James Harvey Crawford. Construction on the home began in 1893. The family lived in the house for more than 40 years. Today, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is not the only historic home of one of the town's early pioneers, but it is in the best condition and is easily the most impressive from an artistic standpoint.

Emerald City Opera House
Steamboat Springs is home to the Emerald City Opera House. It puts on a variety of operas and events, such as concerts. This is the leading venue to experience classical music and opera in Steamboat Springs, CO. It also has programs for children, hopeful singers, and hopeful musicians, making it an arts institution that gives back.

Literary Sojourn
The Literary Sojourn in Steamboat Springs is a once a year event and it sells out every time, so it is important to plan well in advance. However, it is worth it. The daylong celebration includes writers who give talks about their work and experiences and 500 guests. This festival has taken place since 1933 and is showing no signs of slowing in its popularity.

Steamboat Art Museum
Steamboat Art Museum has a collections with a variety of arts, mediums and styles. However, its focus is in area artwork. The museum is relatively new with the historic building it uses only being given to the city in 2006. The woman who gave the home to the city stated that it must be used as a museum and this quaint art museum is putting the home to good use.

Tread of Pioneers Museum
Tread of Pioneers Museum is the best way to learn about how Colorado Springs came to be. It focuses on the pioneers, their journey west and the effect that journey had on the country and its people. Pieces in the museum's collection include period furniture, photos of pioneers, Native American artifacts, firearms, and a library.

Steamboat Springs Chamber Orchestra
Steamboat Springs Chamber Orchestra is the city's chamber music venue. A visit here is a good way to supplement a arts and culture visit to the city or get some classical music without the storytelling of the opera. This institution puts a major emphasis on training both children and adults with classical instruments.