Dining in Steamboat Springs

Café Diva
This is an outdoor café where you can sit at cloth covered tables and watch the people walk along the streets of the city. There is an exceptional wine list, and the food is delicious. It is close to many of the ski areas so that you can get a warm meal after you get off the slopes. A dish that you should try if you are looking for something different is the peanut butter and bacon sandwich. The lamb is tender and served with a delicate mash.

Creekside Café and Grill
Families with children who are looking for a place to get breakfast or lunch can visit here. The biscuits and gravy is very flavorful, and the breakfast burrito is stuffed with eggs, meat and peppers. This is one of the restaurants in the area that has a long vegetarian menu. Try to go before nine in the morning, because f you wait, then you might not get a table.

This is a cute restaurant that is located on the street. Unless you know that it is there, you might pass it by. The cinnamon buns are topped with a large helping of cream cheese icing. Children will love the hot chocolate with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. The prices are affordable for the amount of food that you receive. The restaurant is open all day.

If you are looking for somewhere with good food and even better prices, then this is the place to go. The tomato soup is a good dish to have in the winter. The pizza is an excellent choice if there are a few people in your party eating. The hamburgers are huge, and the salads are topped with nuts and various seeds. Reservations are recommended but not required. It is located near a few different hotels, so it is a popular destination for tourists.

Lyon's Corner Drug and Soda Fountain
Fun meets food at this old fashioned soda shop. From the decorations to the items served, it is reminiscent of a 60s diner. The hot dogs are plump, and the milkshakes are made with real ice cream and shaken right in front of you. One of the fun things to do is sit at the bar on one of the stools while eating an ice cream sundae.