Fishing near Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs isn't the only fishing spot in Colorado, but it's at the top of the list for anglers who love variety. This beautiful area is surrounded by scenic lakes, fast rivers, and the magnificent expanse of the San Juan National Forest. Whether it's a day casting flies for rainbow trout or an afternoon of boat fishing for bass, the action is exciting and the setting is breathtaking. Visitors can choose their favorite style of accommodations ranging from rustic lodges to fully equipped RV parks. The camping opportunities are perfect for family fun, and nearby Navajo State Park offers more than 130 spots all year round.

Anglers don't have to travel far to find fast water and serious action. The San Juan River runs right through Pagosa Springs, and it's a mecca for fly fishermen angling for brown and rainbow tout. Two boat ramps put visitors on the water for access to even more excitement. The East Fork of the river leads to higher elevations and cutthroat trout, and the West Fork offers two campgrounds for overnight adventures. From the Piedra River to Sand Creek, the opportunities to wade and fly fish are as endless as the stars in the Colorado sky.

When it's time to cast for bass or jig for catfish, area lakes are a boater's paradise. Echo Lake is only four miles from town, and it's regularly stocked with perch, sunfish, and trout. Anglers turn out the tackle boxes, get out the crank baits, and reel in largemouth bass and channel cats. Echo Lake is famous for its ice fishing too, producing bass and trout all winter. Navajo Reservoir is a vast and beautiful setting for boaters dropping their lines for crappie, pike, or catfish. Opal Lake, Shaw Lake, and Big Meadow Reservoir also belong in the lineup of lakes that dedicated fishermen love for a big catch and great action.

Pagosa Springs offers everyone a chance to fish their favorite waters with their favorite gear, all within an easy drive of town. The atmosphere is friendly, and the locals are always happy to share tips and point out the latest hot spots. Forgetting to pack a choice lure isn't a problem; there are plenty of tackle shops to take care of last-minute needs. Professional guides are available to lend their expertise and make sure that the big one never gets away. Every stay in Pagosa Springs is a chance for anglers of all ages to make their fish stories come true.