Littleton Historical Museum

The Littleton Museum provides the key to a treasure chest of rich elements to the city's living history, nature, cultural institutions, fine arts, and storied farms. The institution provides a wonderful showcase for the rich traditional past of the community.

The center features four wonderful galleries dedicated to telling the story of the city. The Permanent Exhibition Gallery displays the story of the city from its gold rush origins in the middle of the 19th century to contemporary space exploration.

The Changing Exhibition Gallery of the museum features themed displays from traveling show or the institution's own collection. Past exhibitions included an exploration of sword use. The Fine Arts Gallery provides shows on innovative photography and art. Families are encouraged to bring their children to visit the Kid's Connection Gallery engaging youths with interactive activities as well as to enjoy two outdoor period farms.

The 1860 farm educated guests on the city's settlement epoch. The exhibition features a barn, log cabin, pig shelter, root cellar, and a bevy of farm animals to provide guests with an authentic 19th century agrarian experience near the South Platte River.

The institution features a 1910 icehouse as well as a refurbished original schoolhouse adjacent to Ketring Lake. There also exists a farm house from 1890 house built from milled lumber with accompanying dining areas, bedrooms, parlor, proches and a kitchen featuring a wood-burning stove. Intriguing household items include kerosene lighting, piano as well as decorative wallpaper.

Guest can also experience an early 20th century blacksmith. The current site is operational with a trained blacksmith daily performing repairs with tools from the time period. The facility's staff and guides are available for insightful tours and to answer any questions from visitors.

In addition to the interactive activities for children, further hands-on activities are available throughout the year for guests, including cow milking, creating a Victorian valentine, or providing an extra hand for farm genuine farm work. Scheduled special events include Dairy Day as well as Plowing and Planting.

The Littleton Museum offers the opportunity for a guest to learn of the city's settlement past and observe contemporary art. Suited for outdoor family enjoyment or sophisticated exploration, the institution offers the business or leisure traveler an intriguing place to enrich themselves with unique cultural traditions from the past and present as well as the opportunity to experience life through the eyes of a bygone era.