Seasons in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is a place that has four distinct seasons every year. The winters can be harsh, but much of the rest of the year the weather is quite lovely. It is a town that can reach extremes. The lowest ever temperature on record in Glenwood happened in 1989, when the thermometer reached a scorching 102°F. The coldest recorded temperature in Glenwood was a downright brutal reading of -38°F in 1913.

This is the season of the year that is the toughest to endure. Part of this is due to its sheer length. The winter in Glenwood Springs lasts nearly half of the year. From November through March the average daily temperature never climbs above 40°F. The town gets a large amount of snowfall during these winter months as well. The three worst winter months in Glenwood Springs are December, January and February when the town gets more than 10 inches of snow every month on average and the average daily temperature is below freezing. Visitors and residents of Glenwood Springs need to bundle up and wear layers when they go outside during the hard winters.

This is the most anticipated season of the year in Glenwood Springs. Spring in Glenwood Springs brings a welcome end to the brutality of the winter, and the slowly thawing snows melt away to bring the area to life. The average daily high temperature in April is nearly 60°F, and it jumps up to an average high of 63.5°F in May. Snows can occur during these times, but rain is much likelier. The area does get some of its heaviest precipitation during these spring rains.

The summer in Glenwood Springs is quite lovely. Average high temperatures are in the 80s during the day, but the lows at night are thirty degrees cooler. This means that the nights are brisk, making them great for fires and sleeping bundled up in bed with the windows open. The summer months are the driest of the year, barely getting more than an inch of average precipitation per month.

As time passes by during fall in Glenwood Springs, the temperatures drop quickly. Average daily temperatures start out at 59.9°F in September, then drop to 48.5°F in October and end at 35.5°F in November. September is very rainy, receiving an average precipitation of almost 2 inches. The snows usually start in Glenwood Springs in October.