History of Glenwood Springs

Created in 1964 the Frontier Historical Society of Glenwood Springs and its many volunteers have worked tirelessly to preserve the history and legacy of this unique destination. From the opening of its first museum in the early 1970s the Frontier Historical Society has been instrumental in ensuring future generations have access to the rich culture and history of Glenwood Springs.

Over the years, the Frontier Historical Society Museum has continued to grow. With exhibits featuring photographs of the area detailing how things have changed over the years as well as pictures and artifacts of local and visiting celebrities, the museum works hard to catalog and preserve these priceless artifacts. Maps, census records, and even records from the cemetery dating back into the 1800s are available for viewing giving guests a peek into life in Glenwood Springs. Preserving a time gone by, visitors can walk through the history of Glenwood Springs and understand how the town went from being a small frontier location wrought with hardships to the thriving sportsman's paradise that it is today.

The museum offers daily tours led by well informed guides able to answer any questions concerning the exhibits or history of Glenwood Springs. School groups and other small groups are encouraged to attend as well and group rates are available.

The Frontier Historical Society features guest lecturers and speakers with knowledge covering a variety of topics. Presidents and their wives, local legends, and other historical figures are often presented in a variety of formats ranging from lecture series to interactive, entertainment style presentations. With a lean toward fun, the Society will also, from time to time, host entertainment events such as the local poker run, ghost walks of the city, and even community projects such as city beautification and trash clean up day.

In addition to the museum, the Frontier Historical Society takes part in continuous research of the individuals and events that have shaped Glenwood Springs. With many books, newspaper clippings, and other research tools at their disposal, the volunteers at the historical society work with officials as well as individuals tracking different events and heritages of this community. Volunteer researchers enjoy working with individuals to uncover family history, offer guidance to discovering a lost heritage, or just reliving a time gone by.

History buffs, school groups, and families enjoying the rich heritage of the Glenwood Springs area will find a visit to the Glenwood Historical Society to be a rewarding one. Whether you are looking for a specific event or person or simply wanting to see how far the area has come since its creation, the Frontier Historical Society is ready and able to guide any guest to the answers they seek.