Narrow Gauge Railroad

Travelers who are fans of railroads will love the Narrow Gauge Railroad in Durango, Colorado. This excellent experience offers visitors the chance to ride a historic, steam-powered locomotive between Durango and Silverton, Colorado. The trip on the Narrow Gauge Railroad runs for 26 miles each way.

Visitors will be treated to some spectacular views when they ride on the Narrow Gauge Railroad in Durango. The route travels through the gorgeous San Juan National Forest, which is full of beautiful evergreen trees and fantastic mountain vistas.

The round-trip on the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Durango to Silverton takes around nine hours, so it makes for a great activity for visitors to spend a day enjoying. They will be really excited when they see all the splendid cabin options available on the train.

Presidential Class
This is the most luxurious class of travel on the Narrow Gauge Railroad. Passengers in Presidential Class must be at least 21 years of age. It is outfitted in Victorian splendor and offers very luxurious seating and full drink service. It also includes an outdoor seating area for visitors who wish to experience a real rush as they whoosh along the rails.

First Class
The First Class cars offer the next-most luxurious option for passengers on the Narrow Gauge Railroad. There is still plenty of very comfortable seating and great viewing areas. The main differences between First Class and Presidential Class are there are no alcoholic beverages or outdoor seating in First Class. Passengers in First Class will receive non-alcoholic beverages and delicious pastries served to them complimentarily.

Deluxe Class
Passengers in Deluxe Class will have comfortable seating, but they will not enjoy all the amenities available to them in First and Presidential Class. The seating is very plush in Deluxe Class as it offers overstuffed chairs that passengers will find quite luxurious.

Standard Class
There are two seating areas in Standard Class. There are the ordinary seats and the open-air gondola seats. Both are comfortable, but they are not quite as comfortable as the more elegant choices available.

Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum
The Durango Depot is the spot where the Narrow Gauge Railroad departs from, and it also is home to the Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. This museum offers a lot of neat artifacts and history from the golden era of the Narrow Gauge.