Durango Travelers Tips

When traveling to Durango, Colorado, visitors should be prepared with the appropriate clothing and gear for the city's weather. The temperature in the city can change drastically over the course of a day thanks to the area's high elevation. Therefore, travelers should be sure to pack clothing that they can wear in layers. This allows them to stay warm during the morning and evening hours, while being able to soak up the warm rays of the sun during daylight hours.

The elevation of Durango, Colorado is 6,512 feet. This is more than a mile above sea level, which means that visitors will need to take some time to acclimate themselves to the region. The high elevation, when combined with an arid climate, can cause dehydration quickly, which is why visitors are encouraged to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Additionally, they should realize that the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere may make them tired more quickly. This is why it is recommended that visitors plan on engaging in low-stress activities for the first two to three days they are in the area in order to become used to the elevation.

Regardless of the time of year, Durango can receive abundant sunshine on a daily basis. The sunshine can feel terrific, especially on cold days, but travelers need to understand that the city is closer to the sun than other places on the planet thanks to a high elevation. This is why carrying a supply of sunscreen is a must. The sun can do damage to skin more quickly in Durango than in other places, but sunscreen will allow visitors to enjoy the sun's rays without worrying about damage.

Although Durango includes most of the modern amenities that can be found in most other cities, the region places an emphasis on its connection with the past. This is particularly true in the areas of the city that cater to tourists. Visitors coming to Durango should be prepared to step back in time, and they should be ready to live life at a slightly slower and more relaxing pace for the duration of their stays.

Durango is known for its access to wildlife and nature. Visitors need to be aware that they are merely guests in the wilderness if they decide to venture outside the city. This means that they should refrain from approaching wildlife, and they should always stay on marked hiking or biking trails.