Denver International Airport Information

Denver International Airport is an award winning commercial airfield located 25 miles from Denver's business district. The city opened the facility in 1995 to replace its older congested airport. The airfield serves as a hub for several domestic, low-cost and international carriers. These airlines and many other carriers use Denver's 137 gates to provide direct and connecting flights to destinations across the globe. Denver International is the 11th most active commercial airfield in the world, serving nearly 52 million passengers each year.

The main terminal was named to commemorate Elrey Jeppesen, a pilot who created aviation charts and manuals. An underground transit system shuttles passengers between the building and three mid-field concourses. The transit time is approximately five minutes. The airport also has an overhead walkway that connects the terminal to Concourse A. Passengers can observe airplanes taxiing beneath the walkway. The airport has an interfaith chapel, pet relief area, premium and complimentary Internet access as well as a PC game café.

A currency exchange center performs notary services, sells postage and provides other travel-related services. The airport has ATMs and a full-service credit union. Other airport services include massages and shoe shines. The post office has a full service facility at the airport. Major shippers and the post office have drop boxes throughout the facility. There are dedicated lanes for biometric security clearance. Parking is available in seven multilevel garages and two uncovered surface lots.

Fentress Bradburn Architects designed the roof of the terminal to evoke the image of snow-covered Rocky Mountain summits and the Native American teepees that graced the plains. The terminal windows provide passengers with panoramic vistas of the Rockies to the west and the Great Plains to the east. There are numerous works of art and aviation memorabilia on display inside the terminal complex and on the airport property. A 32-foot tall sculpture of a mustang, by Luis Jimenez, is located at the entrance to the airport. Gargoyles climbing from luggage strategically decorate the baggage claim area. An Alexander Aircraft Eaglerock biplane hangs from the ceiling in Concourse B in recognition of the company's Colorado heritage.

Occupying an area of 55 square miles, the commercial airfield is the largest airport in the country. The city chose the location so that it could easily expand in the future. The airport currently has the longest commercial runway in the United States and can serve all next-generation aircraft.