Transportation in Denver

While you're exploring the Denver, CO area, it's important to keep in mind the best options available to get around the city. Like most large American cities, especially those located in the central part of the country, Denver is best navigated by car. Known as "The Mile High City", getting around the city itself is possible to do without an automobile, but the winding roads that lead to hiking spots and beautiful mountains are inaccessible without transportation. Due to the snowy and icy conditions that affect Denver throughout portions of the year, most residents have sturdy automobiles designed to tough out the most rugged of conditions.

If you're staying within the city itself, you'll find that Denver is very walkable, and designed to be as pedestrian-friendly as possible. Especially during the spring and autumn, many choose to take a leisurely stroll from one place to another, making it one of America's fittest and most health-conscious cities. While you'll need a car to visit the suburbs or take an outdoor excursion to the mountains or hiking trail, exploring Downtown Denver on foot is a fun adventure.

If you don't have a car, it is possible to very easily rent one during your stay in the Denver area. In fact, in order to make the area more accessible to visitors, the five major car rental services have teamed up to allow non-stop tolling. This allows drivers to access any of the major highways without paying a toll, as if they've purchased the city's version of an express pass.

For those who are visiting without the luxury of a car, Denver is fortunate in boasting one of the cleanest, safest, and well-developed public transportation systems in the United States. With a system of buses, trains, and shuttle services that connect the city, you'll never have to worry about being stranded. In addition, you can always book a private guided tour or car service, a great choice if you have small children, or are planning a night out on the town.

Being an ecologically-friendly city, Denver residents are always looking for ways to keep their surrounding pristine. It is one of the healthiest cities Americans might choose to call home, and part of that is due to a focus on a healthy, simple lifestyle. Walking and biking are extremely popular in the Denver area. A program called B-Cycle is a bicycle sharing system, equivalent to the ZipCar sharing services popular in major cities where owning a car can be extremely expensive and traffic difficult.