Colorado Sports

The two most popular sports in Colorado is downhill skiing and snowboarding. The Rocky Mountains of the state are ideal for both sports. In fact, Colorado has a number locations in the state where residents and visitors can downhill ski and snowboard. There are over 20 resorts, which focus on creating the best experience possible for people of all ages. In addition to this, many locations have slopes for people who are just learning how to downhill ski or snowboard. Popular downhill skiing and snowboarding locations include Steamboat Springs, Aspen Mountain, Copper Mountain, Silverton and many more. Due to the location of the Rocky Mountains, there is an abundance of fresh snow throughout the course of the winter into springtime, thus enabling folks who enjoy the skiing and snowboarding season for an extended period.

Another type of skiing that is popular in the state is cross-country skiing. Colorado has cross-country ski paths of both classical and skate skiing in many areas, including around the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. There are at least 20 areas that are specifically designed for cross-country skiing, which can include some resorts.

Whitewater rafting in the state of Colorado is a thrilling experience that folks never forget. It is fun, safe, and open for people of almost all ages as they ride and paddle down a river. Experienced and expert guides lead the adventure. Tours can be a few hours to a full day with lunch provided.

Snowmobiling is a growing sport in Colorado. There are over 3,000 miles of trails to use. Trails go through various forests, meadows, around mountains and more. Lessons, tips, and guided tours are available for folks to take advantage of using.

Colorado has four professional spots teams in Denver. In hockey, the Colorado Avalanche is a consistent winner. The Denver Broncos play football while the Denver Nuggets play basketball. The baseball team of the state is the exciting Colorado Rockies.

Horseback riding is a favorite pastime for many folks. There are many opportunities of horseback riding in many parts of the state. Horses are trained and experienced to receive experienced and novice riders. Riding paths range from meadows to forests to hilly terrain.

Mountain biking is a popular summer sport with many paths on hills, mountains, meadows and many different kinds of terrain. Mountain bike trails can be challenging or easy, depending on what type of experience an individual desires.