Winter Activities in Breckenridge

Winter is not the time to constantly stay indoors. It is the time to be adventurous, and Breckenridge can give individuals the time of their life. For the person who likes to be in charge, a dog sled ride will allow him to be his own musher. Good Times Adventures will put the reins in his hands and allow him to be in control of the pack. For the person who would rather not take quite as much risk, a sleigh ride pulled by dogs will make for a great photo shoot as well. To remain comfortable, it is important to dress in layers for the trip and to wear gloves, a warm hat, and even goggles for the eyes. There are also dinner sleigh rides with live music to make the experience unforgettable. Families or romantics will each find something special with which to make a memory.

For the person who is looking for a unique, challenging adventure, heli skiing may be just the thing to fill the bill. How about being transported by helicopter to a remote location on the mountain where there are no ski tracks or footprints in the snow? No packed snow and no lines of people await the risk taker here. While this is not something designed for a beginning skier, individuals who can successfully complete an intermediate run with moguls should be able to handle it. Telluride Helitrax can help bring this kind of dream into reality.

If risk taking is not in an individual's lineup, an activity that brings enjoyment and relaxation is snowshoeing. This means of traversing in the snow has been around for thousands of years. In bygone days, it used to be a necessity for getting from place to place during winter. Now it is done by people who use is as a fitness regimen, as recreation for out-of-town visitors, or as a mountain activity for sports enthusiasts. Gold Run Nordic Centre can arrange a fantastic day of this popular winter activity for individuals or groups.

Snowboarding, of course, has become one of the top choices for outdoor winter activity. There are specific runs that are designed especially for snowboards. Some runs are beginner friendly, while others are better suited for those with more advanced skills. There are a number of parks in Breckenridge that are specifically created for the snowboarder. Rental locations are available for the necessary equipment.