Summer Activities in Breckenridge

Hiking is the foremost summer activity in Breckenridge, Colorado. Both expert hikers and beginners can enjoy a variety of trails near the town. For beginners, the wildlife preserve of Cucumber Gulch offers a relaxing hike through beautiful natural scenery. Visitors to this marshy area can see moose, beavers, foxes, bald eagles, migrating ducks, and even bears. For a more rigorous hike, consider Quandary Peak. This mountain, located about six miles from Breckenridge, is over 14,000 feet tall. Upon reaching the summit, hikers can savor the view of other tall peaks miles away.

Regardless of the hiking destination, hikers in Breckenridge should take a few precautions before setting out. Hikers should carry plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Sunburns occur more easily at high altitude, and although it is pleasantly cool in Breckenridge in the summer, the dry alpine air dehydrates people more quickly. In addition, to safeguard against altitude sickness, it is recommended that visitors coming from sea level rest in Breckenridge for one or two days after arrival before they attempt one of the more difficult hiking trails.

Some travelers may prefer other ways of getting around and seeing the landscape. Biking is immensely popular in Breckenridge. Visitors can rent bikes from several different locations in town. Experienced bikers can roll down rugged trails while less experienced riders can enjoy the alpine scenery as they cruise along paved mountain roads. Horseback riding, 4x4 rental, and hot air balloon rides are other great ways to gaze at mountain views.

Breckenridge has several water-based activities for those looking for wetter summer fun. Nearby Dillon Reservoir, also known as Lake Dillon, offers trout fishing and sailing. Near the west side of the lake, the old town of Dillon, submerged when the reservoir filled in the 1960s, can be seen through the lake's clear water. Thrill-seekers can enjoy white water rafting in the many mountain streams around Breckenridge. Because white water rafting can be dangerous, sturdy helmets and an experienced guide are essential. People looking to pull something out of the water rather than dive in can go fly fishing. The crystal-clear Blue River and many other mountain streams are full of rainbow trout eager to bite a fisherman's hook.

The above are the most popular summer activities in Breckenridge, but many others are available. Paintball, zip lines, bird watching, rock climbing, paragliding, tennis, and golf are all easily had within or nearby Breckenridge.