Breckenridge Culture

The Breckenridge Festival of Film has been held annually for over 30 years. The festival regularly attracts movie starts, famous writers, and well-known directors. The films that are shown cover a wide range of genres including movies for families and children. The University of Boulder plays classical films and foreign films that are bracketed by lectures and discussions from professors at the school. The festival includes a number of events that are designed for filmmakers including retrospectives on recent trends. Tickets can be purchased individually for each film or visitors can purchase a pass for the entire festival.

The Kingdom Days Celebration in Breckenridge is a large event that commemorates the rich history of the area. The celebration provides several fun activities that help visitors to understand the mining and Old West history of Breckenridge. There are parties on the street, discounts at museums, and an outhouse race where people pull the structures down the street as quickly as possible. There are historical hiking tours as well that take visitors to the old mines that still dot the surrounding landscape. Tickets are not needed for most events although lodging should be arranged in advance.

Breckenridge celebrates the German heritage of the town during Oktoberfest. This three-day long festival includes a wide variety of activities. The centerpiece of the event is the Brewmaster's Dinner that sells out quickly. The streets of Breckenridge become lined with food vendors and entertainers in traditional German dress. There are dance competitions, costume contests, and other games that reward winners with small prizes. Tickets to the Brewmaster's Dinner sell out weeks in advance so some planning is needed. The rest of the festival is open to the public.

The Ullr Fest has been held for 50 years in Breckenridge. The festival is a fun and silly celebration named after the Norse god of snow. A large parade occurs during the event that includes a number of themed and sometimes ridiculous floats. A large part of Ullr Fest involves winter sports. There are serious ski competitions as well as more lighthearted games such as the frying pan toss. Many residents turn out to see the hot tub race where participants attempt to achieve the fastest times going down a ski slope in a hot tub. Visitors who want to participate in the fun will need to register in advance although no tickets are required to be a spectator.

The International Snow Sculpture Championships bring together the most talented snow sculptors from around world. The participants work day and night in order to create an elaborate piece of art that is made entirely from snow. The event culminates in the judging of the artwork. The winners usually receive national recognition. The event is free although the town accepts small donations. The championships are held completely outdoors so it is important to dress warmly since it will be very cold.