Attractions in Breckenridge

For one of the most memorable drives you will ever make, you must take a scenic trip on Boreas Pass Road. Be aware that there are spots where you may need to pull over to the side so that oncoming cars can go by, but this is a view that you can not afford to miss. Photographers will find occasions at every turn in the road to capture the moment. The view of lodgepole pine trees and Aspens on the slopes will take your breath away if the altitude doesn't do it first.

Main Street of Breckenridge, Colorado, is by far one of the most amazing attractions in the entire area. The unique shopping experience is made even better because there are prices in all ranges from extremely affordable to extremely expensive. Combining these exquisite shops with wonderful little restaurants and historical structures gives a visitor the opportunity to experience sensory overload. People watchers are welcome as well, and there are plenty of people to watch.

Who could imagine that one can actually pan for gold in these days and times? At Country Boy Mine, an individual can go on a tour of a mine and then pan for gold just like the old timers did. The tour guide makes the encounter even more entertaining by giving a wealth of information about the equipment used and the conditions experienced by miners in the latter part of the 1800s through the early part of the 1900s. The cave-like atmosphere is dimly lit but not unsafe, and there are no stairs to maneuver. Step back in time and try your hand at finding gold.

For a chance to go horseback riding, choose Breckenridge stables. The whole family can share in this adventure and discover what it would have been like to explore the region on horseback a hundred years ago. If you prefer, everyone can ride in a horse-drawn carriage instead. While slowly being carried by these majestic creatures in a story-like fashion, you may find yourself whisked back in time to a much less hectic way of life. Winter provides the backdrop for a sleigh ride on one of the beautiful slopes where you will be pulled by Belgians or one of the other breeds of draft horses. Sleigh bells will ring, and you will have a warm blanket wrap to help ensure that you make an unparallelled memory.