Boulder Trivia

Bumper-sticker Paradise
With bumper stickers that range from "My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma" to "Free Tibet", Boulder hosts a politically aware community that ranges from Yuppies to left-leaning to environmental fanatics. New Age spiritual groups make their home there as well as fundamentalist Christians and Eastern Philosophers. Being politically correct is the religion of Boulder.

No Surfing Here
Yes, there is no surfing in Boulder; however there are an abundance of biking and hiking trails and more than 120 miles of greenery. Outdoor activity is king here, and the Rocky Mountains are right in the neighborhood. Rock climbing is another of the fun things to do without a surfboard.

"Best Places to Live"
Boulder has made many lists of best places to live, including Men's Journal, Sunset, Seventeen, Self, Runner's World, Outside, Health, Redbook, Shape and more. It has been called everything from Fittest City to Top Ten Places for Teens. It seems that Boulder offers something for everyone in every category.

Many Readers in Boulder
With nine bookstores that include mystery and used books, Boulder is a reader's dream. Used and antiquarian art prints are sold at one; mystery novels are sold at another specialty store. Additionally there are three mega-bookstores to browse in Boulder.

Time and Weather Keeper
Boulder is the home of the Atomic Clock which is responsible for world time. It is also the home of the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research). NCAR is open to visitors and is housed within a building designed by the famous architect, I. M. Pei.

There is a Boulder in Boulder
Sitting right in the middle of the downtown area on Pearl Street is a giant boulder.

Niwot's Curse
The Indian Chief Niwot, also called Chief Left Hand, stated that people visiting the amazingly beautiful valley will want to remain there, thus leading to its undoing. This proclamation became known as Niwot's Curse as it relates to the control of Boulder's population.

Is Boulder a Mystery?
The famed mystery writer, Stephen White, calls the Colorado area home and has included Boulder as the scene of the crime in his many exciting books. A recent book, The Last Lie, is centered on the location of Boulder.