Boulder City Facts

Boulder, Colorado is the second largest city in the state and the seat of Boulder County. It has been one of the country's most desirable cities because of its location, climate, economic base, and character. Boulder is also the home of the University of Colorado whose beautiful campus is one of the attractions of the city.

The city has an elevation of 5,400 feet 29 miles from the city of Denver, Colorado. Boulder is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in a setting with beautiful views and a wealth of outdoor activities. The Boulder Flatirons, three huge rock towers that serve as backdrop for the city, are steep-angled, flat formations that are popular with rock climbers.

The climate of Boulder, Colorado, is defined as temperate dry climate with 245 sunny days per year. Rainfall averages 19.2 inches per year. Snowfall can be up to 83 inches each winter. The average July temperature is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The average January low temperature is 20 degrees.

The Boulder area was once only populated by native tribes. As white explorers came to the area, they recognized the beauty and abundance of natural resources. William Gilpin became the first governor of the Colorado Territory. When gold was found near Boulder in the 1850s, businesses came to serve the incoming flux of those seeking their fortunes. Mining then came to the Boulder area, adding to the population. In 1871, the city was incorporated. The University of Colorado was built and opened its doors in 1877. During the 1900s, many businesses came to the city of Boulder, increasing the city's wealth and opportunities for its residents.

The population of Boulder is 97,000 people, with the entire Boulder Metropolitan Area numbering 293,000 in 2010. Population numbers have risen 2.9% in the city since 2000. The city's population is 88 percent white, 8 percent Hispanic, 4 percent Asian, and the rest of smaller groups or mixed descent. The median age in Boulder is 29 years.

Income and Housing
The estimated mean income of Boulder is $47,000 in 2009. Per capita income was $34,000. The mean home value, either single family or condominium, was $477,000 in 2009. The mean gross rental price is $1,092. Housing prices have increase significantly since the year 2000.

City Culture
Boulder, Colorado is a bicycling city with many bike paths. Boulder is often named in lists of the United States healthiest cities. People often mingle and meet at the Pearl Street Mall.