Transportation in Beaver Creek

For the most part, the resorts in the Beaver Creek area are located close enough together to make walking a very practical option while in Beaver Creek. This is especially true when visitors are in Beaver Creek during the winter when there is not much ground to cover except walks between the town's resorts, ski lifts, restaurants, and bars. Be sure to wear sunblock while walking in Beaver Creek during both the winter and the summer as the high elevation can quickly burn unprotected skin.

There are a few cab companies that service all the resort towns surrounding Vail, including Beaver Creek. It will be very difficult to flag a cab down in Beaver Creek. It is best to keep a few cab numbers programmed in the cell phone to call a cab when necessary. Cab drivers are not steadily employed in Beaver Creek, so the quality of individual cab companies tends to change frequently. All the local establishments will be able to recommend cab companies for those who need help deciding which taxi company is currently the best.

There are shuttles that run between the nearby airports and the resorts in Beaver Creek. Some of the resorts provide their own free shuttle service to the airport. There are also shuttles available at the airports for those who do not have the luxury of getting a free shuttle to their destination. The rate for these shuttles is generally very reasonable.

Another method of transportation available from the nearby airports is car rental. Renting a car is generally not necessary during the winter months, but it can be a great idea for those who are spending the summer in Beaver Creek. There is lots of beautiful backcountry to explore surrounding the town, and it is best to have a car for those who want to see a lot of it over the course of a short stay. The best deals and biggest selections will be found at Denver International Airport.

There are rental shops in Beaver Creek that will provide both road bikes and mountain bikes for visitors to use during their stays in Beaver Creek. Theft is generally not a problem, but it is still a good idea to use a lock with bikes.

Visitors that want to get out and explore the backcountry during the winter months will enjoy renting a snowmobile while they are in Beaver Creek.