History of Beaver Creek

The earliest recorded settlers in the area of Beaver Creek, Colorado, were a husband and wife named George and Allie Townsend. They picked out a piece of property that was right beside a little brook called Beaver Creek. This is where they would build their home. One can only guess that the creek may have been home to quite a few of the little furry creatures with the same name as the creek. Over time, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend came to be called the first family of Beaver Creek. There is no way that this couple could have possibly envisioned what would eventually become of their beloved homestead.

The valley containing Beaver Creek became the settling place of timber harvesters, farmers and ranchers in the late 1800s. The region became known for the wonderful crops of head lettuce that grew so plentifully in the valley, mainly because of the high altitude.

By the time the 1950s rolled around, a family called the Nottinghams owned the Beaver Creek valley. They were a ranch family that was known for being hard workers. In 1956, a man named Pete Seibert approached the family with a proposition. Mr. Seibert had been a member of the 10th Mountain Division who had trained as an elite ski trooper in the mountains of the United States to help bring about victory in World War II. He sought to buy the Beaver Creek region to develop it as a ski village, but the Nottingham family refused to sell it. This refusal caused Seibert to look a little further west where he ended up developing the ski area now famously known as Vail, Colorado. In later years, Willis Nottingham did eventually give in, and a ski resort did open at Beaver Creek in 1980.

The once small, family owned farmland is now internationally considered a favorite skiing destination. In addition to the wonderful skiing facilities available, there is also a performing arts theater that is world-class and an ice rink that sits right in the middle of the village. Where there was once a patch of lettuce growing, there is now a region boasting wonderful restaurants, boutiques and shops right in the heart of ski country. The area provides activities all year round that draw people from far and near to the beauty of this mountain dreamland.