Attractions in Aspen

Aspen is a well-known skiing area visited by thousands of visitors every season. The ski and snowboarding runs are ranked by skill levels. Beginners can visit Aspen and enjoy skiing just as the seasoned pros do. One of the many lifts available will start in the center of downtown Aspen, take you up the mountain, and allow you to ski back down to the city. You do not need your own ski equipment; everything you need is available to rent from any ski resort you choose to visit. Skiing is a seasonal business that sees the most visitors during ski season but it is not the only attraction in Aspen, Colorado.

Tour Aspen
Aspen, Colorado is a lovely spot to visit any time of the year. There are many tours available that are family friendly. There are tours for hikers, backpackers, and for cyclicsts. The bicycle tours take a ride through the backcountry on a carriage or wagon ride. The really adventurous can take a breathtaking scenic ride in a hot air balloon. Think of seeing the beautiful fall foliage in a hot air balloon! If your family loves the water, try a rafting trip or a thrilling ride on a glider. Finish with a West End Walking Tour that features beautiful Victorian homes.

Historical Sights
Aspen, Colorado is rich in history. Jerome Wheeler is a prominent name in Aspen history. He opened the Hotel Jerome and the Wheeler Opera House in 1889. The hotel has several historical and fine dining establishments as well as the elegant hotel portion. The Wheeler Opera House was visited by famous performers when the gold and silver mining camps were active. It was destroyed by fire. Rebuilt, and renovated again in the late 1940's. Top it off by visiting the mansion he built. It is the home of the Aspen Historical Society and the Wheeler-Stallard Museum.

Arts, Culture and Museums
Aspen's Historical Society offers rides on their History Coach. This coach tour will describe buildings, historical events, and the key builders of the city of Aspen. It also will take you to the Holden-Marolt Museum and the Wheeler-Stallard Museum. Visit also the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and enjoy the beauty of nature. Founded after the gold and silver mines busted, environmentalists were worried about the damage already done to the land and waterways. One of the many famous personalities that actively took part in watching over the environment was singer John Denver.